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When you plan to visit the desired destination, but after making the bookings, you check the weather report, which shows the bad weather on your departure date due to which you want to reschedule your flight. The flight rescheduling option is effective as it will allow you to change the flight. If you make the bookings from United airlines, you can get the benefit of rescheduling the flight option by connecting on the united change flight contact number. To know the complete procedure and policy, you need to read below. 

United Airlines Change Flight Policy

United Airlines Change Flight policies are below. 

  1. Bookings done from the official website of United Airlines are changeable without paying charges, but only within 24 hours of booking the flight after 24 hours; it is chargeable. 
  2. If the flight is delayed and you make your check-in on time, you will have the option to reschedule the flight without paying any charges.
  3. If you get sudden changes in health after making the bookings, you can show the medical certificate and change the flight without paying the fee. 
  4. If you make the reservation with any official United Airlines representative, you need to connect with them to change the flight. 

What number do I call to change my United flight?

You can take the help of the united change flight number representatives to change the flight most quickly, and they will also help you to give information about offers or deals on your bookings. 

Make a call at 1-800-864-8331, the mentioned number 

Then choose the suitable language 

Further, follow the below-mentioned IVR instruction.

Press 1 to make the new reservation 

Press 2 to change the reservation 

Press 3 to cancel the reservation 

Press 4 to reschedule the bookings 

Press 5 to connect with representatives

Press 6 to go back

Choose the option per the query and then connect with the support team. 

Can I Change My United Flight Online?

If you cannot connect with the representatives due to technical issues, you can also change united flight online method; then, you need to follow the procedure below. 

  1. Go to the website of United airlines in your browser 
  2. Next, you need to click on the manage bookings option.
  3. Following this, mention your bookings reference number and surname
  4. Then select the bookings and click to modify bookings. 
  5. After this, click on the reschedule tab, and select the new date from the calendar. 
  6. Further, you can see flights of that date and select the flight as convenient. 
  7. Next, you need to save the changes and pay them if you notice any fees. 
  8. After paying the cost, you will get the mail of successfully changing the flight on the contact details. 

What Is The Fee for United Airlines Flight change?

The fee for United airlines flight change depends upon the passenger's destination. If they travel to any domestic destination, they have to pay 125USD to 170USD; to any international destination, they need to pay 180USD to 250USD. 

By reading the above, you will know the information about united airlines change flight phone numberStill, you can also contact the official United Airlines representative for more questions. 

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