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A missed flight can be highly troublesome for passengers and would create havoc if required help or assistance is not applicable. People can communicate with the support representatives at Singapore airlines to get guidance for their Singapore airlines missed flight bookings. 

Get Steps If You Miss Your Connecting Flight Singapore Airlines 

It is better to understand the inclusions of the Singapore airline's missed flight policy to comprehend a missed flight or connection as far as Singapore airlines bookings are concerned. The key pointers of the policy are as follows: 

  1. A missed flight or a missed flight connection will ultimately go under the no-show policy if it is missed because of the passenger’s own fault or if he was unable to reach the airport well in time for his/her flight. There is no refund option available in such a case. 

  2. A flight that got issued because of the airline's fault will qualify the passenger for refunds or else the airline is responsible to accommodate passengers on another flight leaving for the same destination within three hours from the missed flight or the missed connection. 

In the case of Singapore airline's missed connecting flight, passengers will get a new flight for the same route by the airline and if the airline is unable to accommodate you on another flight you can get a full refund for your flight booking. Also, the airline will bear the accommodation and food costs. 

How To Get A Refund If We Miss The Singapore Flight?

People can get full refunds in the case of Singapore airlines missed flight if it occurs because of the airline’s fault such as weather issues or technical problems. One can file a refund request online or offline by reaching out to someone from the customer service team at Singapore airlines. People can refer to the below-mentioned ways in order to grab refunds for their missed flight booking or a missed connection: 

  1. First up, passengers need to navigate to the official Singapore airlines website where they are able to access the cancelations and refunds option on the homepage. 

  2. Select the flight refund option and proceed further. You can select the refund request option on the refunds page. 

  3. A new refund request form will open on the page. Mention the required details on the form such as your flight booking reference number along with the flight cancellation confirmation code. 

  4. Provide personal information such as your last name and hit the submit option. You will receive a refund refernbce number from the concerned department working at Singapore airlines. 

Travelers can also find the helpline number and the chat option useful; as far as flight refunds are concerned. You can get timely refunds for your flight bookings by talking to someone from the support team at Singapore airlines. Dial the hotline and select the refunds option to get help from the concerned executive.

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