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Southwest airlines provide a wide range of services and facilities, for example, Easy seat selection policy, extra-luggage policy, pet policy, and multiple other services. If you have already booked your ticket with Southwest Airlines, and if you want to upgrade your seats but are wondering can I upgrade my Southwest ticket or what would the cost of changing your flight, below is a detailed discussion that will assist you in upgrading your seats and will give you an idea about the cost. Have a look at the following discussion:

How to Upgrade your Seats on Southwest Airlines Online?

Unlike other airlines, Southwest Airlines provides all the services and different facilities that are dedicated to passengers only. And if you wonder whether Southwest Airlines upgrade seats policy is different from the other airlines. To understand the process of upgrading seats from economy class to business class, etc., first, you are required to understand some points:

  1. There are three different classes that are offered by Southwest Airlines, for example, Business Select, Wanna Get Away Plus, and Wanna Get Away. And all of them have their own advantages and restrictions.

  2. You are allowed to carry extra bags, and these luggage limits may vary from a different class to class, for example, Business select, wanna get away, etc. 

Look at the Process of Upgrading Seats with Southwest Airlines:

  1. First, you are required to visit the official website of Southwest Airlines to begin the process.

  2. Then you are required to tap on the “Flight” section and then on the “Manage Reservation.”

  3. Once you tap on it, you have to detail the passenger’s first and last name and the confirmation code and then press “Continue” to proceed to the upgrade seat page. (upgrade of seats depends on the availability of seats in your desired class. If there is no seat available, then you cannot proceed with upgrading your seats from one class to another.)

  4. And post that, you will be taken to the payment gateway, where you are required to incur a difference in fare to the airlines (if required). 

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily upgrade your seats with Southwest Airlines, and in case you are wondering how much is it to upgrade on Southwest? Then the below-mentioned points will give you a brief idea:

Upgrade Cost of Southwest Airlines 

  1. The cost to change your seats, for example, from Wanna Get Away to Wanna Get Away Plus, is largely dependent on the different services and facilities of the class.

  2. The Southwest Airlines upgrade cost is around $30 per passenger, and it may go up to 100$. (unlike other airlines, Southwest Airlines cost very less to upgrade seats, and it also depends on the class that you are choosing.)

In case of any other important query related to any service or the process of upgrading your seats on Southwest Airlines, the best way is to reach out to the official number of Southwest Airlines 1-800-435-9792, and the customer executive will give you resolutions, so you never experience any trouble while utilizing all the flexible service.

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