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Passengers are permitted to cancel the flight due to emergencies or personal reasons. Sometimes the event or meeting is postponed, so they have to cancel their flights. Airlines refund their amount but are subject to the terms and conditions. If you have to cancel your Interjet airlines, here is the essential information discussed that can help you to get the refund. How can you request a refund from Interjet Airlines? Let's start with the cancellation policy of Interjet airlines.

Interjet Airlines Cancellation Policy !

Information one should be aware of before canceling their flight:

  1. If passengers cancel their flight within 24 hours and your flight is due after next week, a complete ticket refund will be offered to the passengers.
  2. After 24 hours, flights can be canceled after a certain fee based on the ticket type and flight.
  3. With the help of cancellation policy, passengers are permitted to cancel or reschedule ticket without any problem.
  4. Interjection cancellation fee is around the $100 to $500

You can refer the confirmation mail on your email id to know more about your cancellation policy as it varies due to different ticket type, destination, services and flight. in case of any doubt passengers can contact the  customer support for the accurate information.

How to Cancel An Interjet Flight?

Once you understand the terms and conditions related to your ticket type. There are different ways to cancel Interject flight ticket help desk, telephone number, and online process.

Cancel via a ticket Help Desk

Passenger has to visit the help desk to cancel their flight. After meeting with the customer support executives in person, your flight will be canceled, and you can request a refund.

Cancel via offline 

You can contact the airline to cancel your flight. Use the phone number 1-866-285-8307 and give the details such as last name and booking reference number. A customer agent will help you cancel the flight; after that, you can request a refund.

Cancel via online 

Passengers can cancel their flights online via the official website of the airline. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "managing booking."
  3. Enter details such as booking reference and email address.
  4. Click login

Now you have to choose the flight cancelation option.

Interjet Airlines Refund Policy

Interjet charges a fee if the flight is canceled after 24 hours:

  1. Ultra Light: For domestic flights, passengers have to pay $799. Consider spending $59 for international flights.
  2. Light: Passengers are charged MXN 699, whereas $ 49 for international flights.
  3. Optima: cancelation of domestic flight includes MXN 599. It is USD 35 for international flights

How to get a refund from interjet?

Passengers have to fill out the Refund Request Form to get the amount after canceling their flight. The form is available under the manage booking on the official website of Interjet airline.

If you have any problem filling out the form, you can approach customer support via various social media platforms or email. Visit the website for latest updates and to connect with the airline.

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