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After making the bookings, some situation arises due to which you think it is better to upgrade the seat type, like medical issues, more facilities, etc. While making the bookings with EVA air, you will get several facilities, and for any reason, if you want to upgrade your seat type, you can easily do it. Upgrading the flight will add many facilities to your bookings, like extra legroom seats, more luggage access, etc. To upgrade the seat, you need EVA air; you need to read below. 

EVA Air Seat Upgrade Policy

  1. You can upgrade the seat without charge if you do it within 24 hours of booking.
  2. If you upgrade the seat within 24 hours of bookings the flight, there are no charges that you have to pay, but the difference is applicable. 
  3. After passing the 24 hours free period, you must pay the modification cost and the difference between the seats. 
  4. If you are upgrading the seat in your bookings, you need to show the relevant documents from the registered institution, and you can upgrade the seat without paying charges.
  5. You can only upgrade your seat from lower to a higher class if any seat is vacant. If there is no seat vacant, then you can not be able to upgrade your seat. 

How to Upgrade Seats on Eva Air?

You can upgrade your seat by connecting with the representative of the EVA air on call, or you can follow the online process.

Via phone: If you want to connect with the representative on call, then you need to call on 1 (800) 695-1188 this number, and then choose the language in which you are comfortable communicating. After this, you need to follow the IVR.

Dial 1 for the issues related to new bookings 

Dial 2 to get information about cancelation, refund, COVID, policies

Dial 3 if your issues are related to lost luggage 

Dial 4 to upgrade the seat 

Dial 5 to connect with the representative

Choose the option and then connect. 

Via online: You can also follow the below-mentioned online process 

  1. Open the website of EVA air in your browser 
  2. Then click on the manage bookings page 
  3. Next, mention the surname and PNR number 
  4. Following this, click on the flight upgrade option
  5. Further, you have to select the new type and save the change
  6. After this, go to the payment section; if you see the charges, then pay it by using your card or another mode
  7. Last you will get an email about successfully upgrading the seat. 

Eva Air Seat Upgrade Cost

The cost you must pay for an upgrade is 120USD if you upgrade from standard to business class. To upgrade from business to premium, you must pay 200USD. 

By reading above, you will know about Can I upgrade my seat on EVA Air? While doing this, if you get into trouble or want to know something about your bookings, you can communicate with the representative of EVA air. 

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