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Several passengers book their flight tickets online and get support for the manage booking when they find something wrong with their booking details. Suppose you have also booked a flight ticket online and wish to cancel your flight ticket due to some personal dilemma. In that case, you need to gather information related to the cancellation & refund policy to request a refund after the cancellation appropriately.

Learn cancellation policy on Southwest Airlines

When you decide to cancel your flight ticket online and get a refund quickly, you need to go through the Southwest Airlines cancellations policy that assists you in canceling your flight ticket at a certain time. To omit confusion, read the chief points for the cancellation policy accurately.

• Southwest Airlines assists you in canceling your flight ticket until 10 minutes before departure and sends refund requests at no cost.
• If you have earned points and offers to manage booking, you can cancel your flight at no cost and send a refund request quickly.
• When you cancel a non-refundable flight ticket, get the value of the flight ticket as a travel fund that you can use to book a new flight soon.

Learn refund policy on Southwest Airlines

After canceling a flight ticket, you need to focus on the Southwest Airlines refund policy if you want to get a refund after the cancellation. This policy will assist you in receiving a refund effortlessly.

• When you cancel a refundable flight ticket within 24 hours before flight departure, you are entitled to a full refund from Southwest Airlines.
• When your flight cancels due to COVID-19 without your prior notice, you can send a refund request from its website portal soon.
• If you booked a non-refundable flight ticket and canceled your flight using its valid rewards points and explain the proper reason for cancellation, you get a refund quickly.

How to send a refund request to Southwest Airlines

If you are assured of the refund policy and want to get a refund, you can send a refund request using the booking website or phone call without getting delay. But if you don't know how to request a refund from Southwest Airlines, go through the essential points listed down.

• Firstly, visit the Southwest Airlines website and click on the cancel flight button after log-in our account if you have created it.
• Click on the manage booking tab, enter the reservation number, and enter the first and last name of the passenger.
• Enter the correct cancellation date and time to send a refund request, and you can see available travel fund after selecting the refund tab if you have done it and check the refund status quickly.

For additional help regarding how to request a refund from Southwest, feel free to contact the customer service team that can be approachable soon.

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