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It is an easy task to make do with a new reservation or a flight booking with an airline of your choice but is it the same when it comes to cancelling your flight and claiming a refund for the same? Well, to be precise, if you are in a situation like this where you need to get your refund back and luckily you have your booking or a reservation with Delta Airlines, then consider yourself lucky because you can quickly get a refund from Delta Airlines.

If you are planning on getting a refund from Delta Airlines, then you can do that pretty quickly by making a phone call to the delta airlines refund number and initiating your refund procedure. If you want to get a detailed outlook, then follow through as the points mentioned below will help you with the same.

How to Get a Refund from Delta Airlines 

You can get a refund from the team of Delta Airlines with the help of following the points listed below in a hassle-free and timely manner-

• Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
• Browse to the support section and go to the Reservations category.
• The page will display the official phone number for different departments of Delta Airlines.
• Go to the reservations section and note down the official phone number.
• Make a phone call during their hours of operation.
• Keep all your ticket-related information handy so that you can narrate all the information to the representative to initiate your refund procedure.
• Once an executive connects with you, you can initiate your refund procedure.

Refund Policy of Delta Airlines 

• You can only cancel your ticket and get a complete refund of the amount you paid for your booking within 24 hours of the original time of booking your flight.
• The departure date you have must be more than 7 days away from the date of the flight cancellation.
• The original booking should have been made with the help of the official website, the application of Delta Airlines, or by making a phone call to their reservations department.
• If you made the booking with the help of contacting a travel agency or a travel vendor, then you’ll have to contact them for the same.
• The mode of payment in which you’ll receive your refund would be the same method you made the original payment.
• If you paid with the help of cash, then the refund amount will be transferred to your bank account.
• If you have a half-utilized ticket, then you’ll get a refund of the remaining portion of your ticket.

Henceforth, getting a refund and getting a clear picture of delta airlines refund policy, and you can keep a check whether you meet the criteria and have an estimate of the exact amount you’ll get as a refund on the flight ticket.

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