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Have you cancelled reservations with Air Canada and wish to know about the duration in which the refund is processed? Then, you can check out the information shared in this article and manage the bookings in time.

Time Air Canada Takes To Process a Refund 

For travellers who have questions about the refund processing duration of Air Canada, as per the Air Canada Refund Policy, once the refund request is successful, the refund amount will be credited within one to three months as per the guidelines of the financial institution.

Still, if the traveller has queries regarding the refund policy, they can reach out to the Air Cana-da customer service and manage their reservations accordingly.

Refund Policy Guidelines for Air Canada Reservations 

Before requesting a refund, traveller’s must have complete information about the refund guidelines and fees. So, to help passengers, here are the refund policy key guidelines

• As per the recent updates, the reservations booked on, and after 13th April 2021, the refund will be dependent on the fare type.
• However, the reservations cancelled by Air Canada will get a refund if the arrival time of the new flight is more than 3 hours from the original booking.

Besides, reservations cancelled within 24 hours are offered a full refund. And reservations can-celled outside 24 hours need to pay an Air Canada refund fee that is dependent on the fare type that traveller check on the official website of the airline.

Cancellation Guidelines for Air Canada Reservations 

To ensure travellers don't face any difficulty while requesting a refund, here are some of the key guidelines of the Air Canada cancellation policy that travellers can abide by before request-ing a refund.

• The traveller needs to cancel their reservations from the original point of purchase.
• Those who have confirmed reservations directly with Air Canada can cancel their ticket using the My Bookings service.
• For partial cancellation, the traveller needs to contact the airline's customer service.
• Air Canada flight tickets cancelled within 24 hours of purchase will get a refund amount, or the payment transaction will get cancelled.
• Travelers who has cancelled their reservations outside 24 hours will get a refund as per the fare type rules.

Still, if the traveller has queries regarding the cancellation or refund procedures can feel free to contact the live agent at Air Canada. Here, the traveller will get all the needed information to manage their Air Canada bookings in time.

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