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Do you get a refund if your flight is cancelled?

YES, passengers get refunds if their flight is cancelled in bad weather conditions or because flight crew members are on strike, etc. But the refunds are processed under policies circumstances that airlines have formed for their customer's help & convenience.
So now, before you go for the refund process, you should know about the flight refund policy, which you have to read before cancelling your flight ticket & after that, you should cancel your access only.

The following are the points of flight refund policies that every passenger should know reference:

• According to flight refund policies, if passenger cancels their ticket within 24 hours of purchase, full refunds are given to passengers.
• Or, if in case the customer cancels the flight ticket after 24 hours of purchase, they have to pay cancellation charges from their original flight ticket.
• Refundable tickets can be cancelled & can get refunded in any circumstance, but for non-refundable tickets cancelled within 24 hours of booking, then it can be refunded, but after that, there is a refund possibility
• Refundable or non-refundable tickets should be cancelled the way they were booked, like online, airport counter or through an agent.

Therefore, these are the points for Flight cancellation refund, under which you can demand reimbursements from the airlines that you have selected for your travel. So, for once, you should go through the above-given policies for your help & guidance.

Can you get your money back if you cancel your flight?

Now, if you need to know about the proper procedure through which you can apply for a refund & know about How to get a flight refund, you should go through the steps given below for your help & support that will surely help you out at your convenience.

• First, you will go to the airline's official website page.
• Now therein you will go to manage my booking page & enter your ticket confirmation number & last name of the passenger.
• After that, you will select your flight ticket & tap on the flight cancellation option & simultaneously apply for a refund after ticket cancellation;
• At first, you will have to provide passengers information like full name, address, email, phone number etc.
• After that, you will enter ticket details like trip type etc.
• Now you will type flight information that is flight number, flight date & origin.
• After that mention, the refund reasons is within 1000 characters & also, select terms & conditions & then submit the form.
• Lastly, you will receive a text message or email regarding your refund summary.

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