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You need some help at the Airport with a wheelchair while taking a flight. But you don't know if it is possible to get wheelchair assistance? And, due to this, you are searching and looking to cancel your flight tickets. Thus, now, you don't have to worry, and there is no need to cancel your flight tickets because, at the Airport, you will get all types of assistance you want. And wheelchair assistance is one of them. So, to take this assistance, you need to request this by any of these three methods that are:

  1. Through call
  2. While reservation
  3. At the Airport

Here are the steps to request a wheelchair at the Airport. So, pursue it.

Through call: so, if you are going to take the assistance, you need to go to the airport customer service page and find the special assistance option. And click on it. Then, there you will see the customer service number; take it and call on that number; the call will be transferred to the IVR call, 

Press 1 to get assistance in suitable language

Click 2 to change the language

Press 3 for parking

Click 4 flight status

Press 5 to get the special assistance

Click 6 to talk to direct customer service

How To Get Special Assistance?

Press 5. Then, the airline asks you what type of assistance you want and requests Wheelchair assistance. And the airline will accept your request, and whenever you are at the Airport, you will get help. 

At the Airport: For this, you have to reach the Airport early, 

  1. Find the customer service department/ Help desk at the Airport
  2. Then, by reaching their, request wheelchair assistance from the Airport representative.
  3. And, with this, you can easily take it to the Airport whenever you need it.

While Reservation: so, whenever you book your flight ticket, you must pursue the steps if you want wheelchair assistance. 

  1. Go to my reservation
  2. Book your flight ticket
  3. By continuing the steps, you will see the option of getting special assistance.
  4. Then, tap on a wheelchair, and choose the option from wheelchair assistance on the airport/ onboard/ Aisle.
  5. Click on that, and the wheelchair form will open
  6. Fill out the form and submit it. 
  7. And further, you will take the wheelchair from the ticket counter.

Is Wheelchair Assistance At Airport Free?

According to the rights of passengers with disabilities, the traveler can take wheelchair assistance at the Airport or while flying without paying additional charges. 

Is Special Assistance At The Airport Free?

A passenger can take special assistance from the Airport free of cost whenever they need it.

How To Get Special Assistance At the Airport?

If you want to get special assistance at the Airport, you can attain it by following two methods:

  1. By calling: for taking special assistance, a passenger must go to the Airport's customer service and take the phone number, dial the number, speak with the live person, and request special assistance at the Airport. And by this, at the Airport, you will get it.
  2. While booking: so, a passenger, when they go to book the flight tickets, while reservation, requests special assistance for free. And when they are at the Airport, they will get special assistance by contacting customer service. 
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