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Are you trying to sort out how to get a refund from LOT Airlines This is the right place to get the information you are looking for in regard to receiving a refund on from LOT Polish. If a traveller is unable to fly because to a conflict with just another major event they may have to cancel their flights. If you cancel your LOT Polish flight,you will be refunded. More information on how to get your refund based on the LOT Polish refund policy can be found below.

What is the process to get a refund on LOT Polish?

Passengers on LOT Polish Airlines can obtain a refund by going to the airlines website or calling the reservation department. To find out more details for how to get refund from LOT Polish follow the steps described below.

· To request a refund, go to the LOT Polish Airlines website and enter your eligible reservation.
· Then go to the ticket cancellation page, in which you'll find a form for claiming a refund.
· Afterwards, you must complete the form by entering your flight details and also your personal details.
· Finally, submit the refund request form to LOT Polish in order to receive your funds.
· Otherwise, if you want, you may contact LOT Polish reservations number and request a refund directly.

What is LOT Polish policy on flight cancellations?

LOT Polish recognizes customers requirements and allows them to cancel a reservation under clearly stated terms and regulations. If you want to understand more about LOT Polish cancellation policy, read the information below.

· LOT Polish would not charge you if you cancel a flight within 24 hours from original purchase and 7 days more than before your planned departure.
· Once 24 hours from the original purchase has passed, you cannot cancel a basic economy ticket for with LOT Polish Airlines.
· If your LOT Polish flight delay is caused for more than 3 hours, you can cancel it without incurring a penalty.
· If you wish to cancel a non-refundable flight, you will be charged a cost varying between 200 to 500 US Dollars by LOT Polish.
· If you have purchased a refundable flight with LOT Polish, you can cancel it at whatever time before departure and claim a refund.

If you need any fight service-related information or have a query concerning the LOT Polish Airlines flight reservations, you may contact its customer service for assistance.

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