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If your Brussels airlines get cancel or you have cancelled it, then you can get a refund from the airlines. However, many people are not aware of the process as well as Brussels airlines refund policy. It should be clear first before you apply for it. You can read everything about it below.

What is Brussels Airlines Refund Policy? 

• You can get the refund only when you have purchased a refundable ticket from the official website of airlines.
• You can get the refund even with a non-refundable ticket, but in that case, the ticket cancellation must be made by airlines due to some involuntary actions.
• When you cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchasing, then you can get a full refund.
• You can get the refund on tickets only when you have applied before the ticket get expires.
If you are about to cancel the flight, then make sure you are aware of the policy regarding the cancellation. You can read further about it.

What is Brussels Airlines Cancellation Policy? 

• If you have cancelled the tickets due to some voluntary action and that after 24 hours of purchasing, then there will be some cancellation charges.
• You can cancel the ticket 10 minutes to departure only when you are a premium member of an airline.
• If the cancellation is made by the airlines due to some involuntary actions, then you can get the full refund along with vouchers or compensation too.
Now, while keeping these points of Brussels airlines cancellation policy in mind, you can apply for a refund by directing further steps and make the process simple.

Steps to Get Refund From Airlines 

• First, go to the official website of Brussels airlines.
• Login to your account, and click on the “get refund.”
• Now, provide the information like ticket’s number and other details.
• In the second form, you have to share the payment mode. It is the payment mode that you have used during booking.
• In the third form, you have to mention the genuine reason behind cancellation and click on the submit option and wait for the response.

It is important to apply quickly because the fast you apply, the faster you can get a refund from airlines. You might face some Brussels airlines refund fee, if you are not meeting the policy. Now, you can see when and how you can get a refund from airlines. For any query or difficult situation, you can connect with a person at the airline and get a quick solution from them.

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