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When you wish to make a standby reservation on United Airlines but does not aware of it, then worry not because the details regarding that you can locate here. The standby ticket is those if the passenger wishes to travel on an earlier flight than their original flight booking. Moreover, united airlines standby ticket are classified into three different types of standby, and that has been illustrated below:-

What does it mean to be on standby United?

  1. Involuntary standby:- if you cannot travel on the flight that you have made a reservation for because of a flight canceled by the airline, make changes to your itinerary.

  2. Voluntary standby:- When you have purchased, that rule allows you to get on a different flight than your original booking flight.

  3. Pass rider:- this category is for the untied airline employee, or their dependent. And they are subject to space availability on the standby flights.

What Is United Standby Policy?

While using the united airlines standby flight ticket, you might have to comply with certain terms and conditions. Further, those details have been stated inside the standby policy, and the policy details have been explained beneath:-

  1. If the passenger is on the standby list. In that case, the domestic flight passenger can receive a notification 30 minutes before departure, and the international flight can get a notification 60 minutes before departure.

  2. You can also get your preferred seats, such as windows or an aisle, but you must use the United Airlines app to enter your preference.

  3. Passengers can also lose their standby seats if they haven't boarded the flight 15 minutes prior for domestic flights and 20 minutes before for international flights.

  4. In the standby list, the name mentioned, such as the first three letters of your last name and the initial of your first name. 

  5. If you have purchased basic economy fare, you can fly on the same day standby on a flight earlier than your original flight. But this fare was placed on standby after all the other fares.

  6. When your name doesn't appear on the standby list, you can request through a kiosk machine or by approaching the airport's customer service team.

  7. When you are a premium-level customer, you can receive preferences using the standby feature.

  8. And the setting gets displayed in the application, or you can check at the boarding gate. 

  9. When you have signed the day of travel notification, then you can get an email or text for the confirmation of standby seats.

What Is The Cost To Fly Standby on United?

In order to fly standby on United Airlines, you might have to submit the additional fee for that. And the united airlines standby fee might be around $25 to 80, depending on the type of fare and location. And if you are an elite member of the airline, then you might not get any additional fee to fly standby. And this procedure you can also tack by using the United Airlines application. Furthermore, if you need any details regarding this, you might get to speak with the airline's customer service and resolve your doubts.

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