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You can purchase delta standby tickets 1-805-505-6394 if the confirmed flight change is not available on the same day. But with the stand by, you can wait for an open seat on an alternate flight. You can follow the below-discussed terms and conditions, which makes you eligible to get a standby delta ticket. 

  1. You can get same-day standby if a confirmed flight is unavailable.
  2. You may have a chance to request an exact day flight change within 24 hours before the departure of your original flight, but the changes have been limited to flights that are departing on the same day of booking.
  3. If you are a member of the silver medallion, general sky miles and non members can only fly with a same day standby flight which is earlier than their original flight.
  4. On the other way around, if you are a member of a diamond, platinum, and gold medallion can stand by for a flight that can depart anytime on the same day as their original flight.
  5. In case you are traveling within the United States, Puerto Rico, and the US. Other than this, if it is delta and delta connection flights, then you can select the same day standby option, but it is not available for international flights.
  6. The airline does not allow to make changes in origin and destination options for the same day standby.
  7. Moreover, you cannot make changes in the same city/ Co-terminals option for the same day standby.
  8. On the same day, stand by; you cannot change connection flights to non stop flights.
  9. If you fly with the Basic economy, then you are not eligible to make same day standby travel changes.

The above written points are answers to your question of how delta standby works? Based on the above discussed criteria, the airline manages the standby list, with the help of which delta issues the status of stand by flight.

Delta Flight Standby Procedure

The procedure will help you register for the stand by list, and the steps are very easy so that you can use them without any expert guidance.

  1. Visit the official site of Delta flight.
  2. Then sign up with your account.
  3. Now move to the same day change tab, and click on it.
  4. You will get the list of flights, either confirm a new seat or fly standby.

How are standby seats assigned Delta?

In case seats are available, then you need to pay some price and change seats by same day confirmed service. If seats are unavailable, then the airline will put you on standby for free. After the standby process, you need to be aware of the delta standby ticket prices in case the confirmed seat is not available, then the passengers can take standby for an open seat for free.If the seat is available at purchased fare class, then passengers may make change tickets to a confirmed seat on the alternate or new flight at the cost of around 75$ fee.

Are you still having doubts or queries about how to get on the delta standby list? Then you can connect with the delta customer service representative at toll free number 1800 123 6645, which is available 24 hours and seven days. Airline personnel is professional enough to resolve your query as soon as possible.

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