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Travel plans can change anytime & the airline that provides the flexibility to make changes in the reservation is considered more customer friendly. The passengers are more likely to make reservations with these airlines. JetBlue is one such airline that provides its customers the option to make changes after booking. Passengers must obey flight change policies to request a change of flight.

JetBlue Flight Change Policy:

  1. If you request to change your flight within 24 hours of booking, there will be no cancellation fee if your date of departure is seven days or more.
  2. You will be charged some cancellation fee by the airline if you cancel it after 24 hours.

How To Change An Already Booked JetBlue Flight?

If you want to change your already booked flight or time of departure, the airline provides you the facility to do so by following the simple procedure mentioned below.

1) Begin the process by visiting the official website

2) Click on the “manage trips” option on the top bar.

3) Provide your information containing the name of the passenger, booking reference number, date of journey, and boarding and landing stations.

4)After you fill in all the important information, click on the submit button and enter JetBlue change flight time or flight name.

5) After submission, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email id.

How To Change Passenger Name On JetBlue?

The above steps must be followed for the JetBlue change flight online process.

The process of changing passenger namesSometimes, even after paying attention while filling in the reservation information, we make some mistakes in our names on the tickets, which require modifications. The JetBlue change name on ticket procedure is easy. Just follow the instructions provided below.

1) Visit the official website.

2) Click on the “manage trips” option on the top bar.

3) Choose the field you want to make a change in. Select the option of “name change.”

4) Now, you will be navigated to another page consisting of the change request form. Fill in all the information. It is similar to sending an email.

5) Also mention your reason for making a change and finally click on the submit button.

You are only eligible to make name changes when it is legally approved. Name changes after marriage or divorce are also permitted, but while making a name change request, you need to provide the supporting documents as the attachment in the flight change request form.

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