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Air Canada has simplified everything for the customers on their official website. Ensure that you have the proper knowledge of the steps. However, with the process, it is also necessary to have the information on the policy. Then you'll not face any issues getting the solution you were looking for. You can even connect with a representative of Air Canada. There are different roads to connect with the customer service team. However, the fastest way to communicate with them is to use the calling method. 

How do I Change my Air Canada Flight?

You can walk through the step-by-step guide for the Air Canada change flight date. That is going to ensure that you're able to make the flight change by yourself. 

  1. You need to get on Air Canada's website. 

  2. Select the "Manage Booking" button. 

  3. You must enter Air Canada's booking code and the passenger's name. 

  4. Select the button search. 

  5. Now you'll see the reservation you have made. 

  6. Open the reservation, and then you need to choose the option of "Date change or flight change."  

  7. Open the booking, and make the selection of the "Flight change" option. 

  8. You'll see the list of flights. 

  9. Make the selection of the flight which is most suitable for you.

That is it. You have completed the process of a flight change or date change. 

How to Change Air Canada Flight? Get Policy

The Air Canada change flight policy will help you make the changes you want. With the help of this policy, you'll be able to make the changes free of cost. 

  1. If the flight or date changes within twenty-four hours of the booking. Then that is going to be free of cost. 

  2. While making the flight change or date change, you cannot make changes to the flight's destination. 

  3. If you made the booking through the official website, you could only make the changes yourself

Air Canda Flight Change Fee

The air Canada change flight fee will cost you at least $50. However, the exact cost of the flight change will vary from one flight to the other. For an international flight, it is undoubtedly going to be much higher. 

Steps to Make the Air Canada Name Change !

Making the name correction will undoubtedly be a cakewalk if you follow the knowledge below. However, for any significant changes in the name, connect with the customer service team of Air Canada.  

  1. Get on Air Canada's website. 

  2. Now you need to make the selection of the "Manage to book" button.

  3. You need to enter Air Canada booking code and the passenger name on the booking. 

  4. Click the search button. 

  5. Open your booking, and then you need to do the name correction. 

  6. That is it. You have made the changes you wanted to make. 

Name Change Policy 

  1. To make any significant changes to your name, you need to show the authentic documents to customer service as proof. 

  2. You can make corrections to your name in up to three letters. 

  3. If you have made the booking on the official website, you can only make the changes yourself. 

Air Canada Ticket Name Change Fee 

Air Canada will charge you only $50 for the name changes. You only need to stick to the details above.

Hopefully, you have received the resolution of your query. 

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