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Flight cancelations are always unplanned, and airlines understand the unpredictable nature of the future. And hence they do provide options for cancelations and refunds Sun Country is one of the popular flying options to travel within the continental U.S., and one can get a flight reservation at affordable prices. The Airline also provides the options of cancelation and refunds, along with efficient customer support. If one has a Sun Country reservation and is looking for an answer on How to cancel Sun Country flight online,then the following sections can give significant pointers on how to do so.

What is the Sun Country flight cancelation policy?

  1. Any flight ticket canceled within 24 hours from the booking will not levy any charges and is eligible for a complete refund if the flight was booked at least a week earlier than the scheduled departure.

  2. The basic fare ticket cannot be canceled, and a refund isn’t possible on it after the 24-hour period from its booking.

  3. Only a refundable ticket is eligible for a refund after the 24 hours of booking, but a cancelation charge will have to be paid.

  4. A non-refundable ticket cannot claim refunds on any part of the ticket, except the government taxes and costs.

  5. Partially used refundable tickets can cancel their reservation and raise the refund claims on the unused part of the ticket itinerary.

  6. Cancelations within the last 24 hours to the flight departure will face the highest charges, and no cancelations are allowed within 2 hours of the scheduled departure.

One can get on the Sun country website to read the extensive Sun Country cancellation policy if needed, especially for the scenarios of a no-show, delayed flight, updated cancelation charges, etc.

How Do I Cancel A Sun Country Flight?

The Sun country flight can be canceled by using the Sun Country website, provided the ticket was bought directly from the Airline. Those who purchased the ticket from a third-party vendor would have to contact the same vendor for the option of Sun Country airlines cancel flight and getting a refund on it too. The procedure of canceling a Sun Country flight through the website is illustrated ahead.

Cancel flight online:

  1. Using an updated internet browser, reach the official Sun Country website and click on “My trips.”

  2. Next, search for the concerned flight using its flight reservation details as the website asks.

  3. The flight itinerary and other detailed options will appear on the screen.

  4. One can click on “Modify” and then use the “Cancel” option.

  5. Pay the cancelation charges to confirm the cancelation.

  6. One can raise a refund claim on the canceled ticket if eligible from this portal.

  7. An email will affirm a successful flight cancellation.

Sun Country Cancelation Fee:

The fee amount for canceling a Sun country flight is variable, depending on the flight destination, route, and the ticket or fare type. Usually, the Sun country cancellation fee ranges from $ 100 to $ 500 on canceling a basic fare ticket on a one-way trip. This amount can rapidly increase for higher class fares, and the journey type is international or a round trip. The browser will prompt the cancelation fee when one attempts the flight cancelation.

Contact Sun Country Customer support

One can call Sun Country customer support for further assistance. The contact details of the Sun country customer support are present on the Sun country help webpage. One can dial the contact number or use the live chat feature to talk to a live agent at Sun Country and get help on flight cancelations and refunds.

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