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Delta airlines always deliver the best facilities worldwide and work with passengers' needs and requirements. One can acquire all the services online at their website and book the travel journey. Some travelers face technical glitches in booking flight tickets. In this situation, delta airlines give you access to speak with the representative and clear all the doubts. For this, passengers ask how do I call delta airlines from Australia and talk to the representative. You can read the given description and find the process.

How Do I Call Delta Airlines From Australia?

You can connect with the representative on the phone and talk to the representative. Thus, you can dial the delta airlines phone number from Australia at +43 (0)1360 277 3461 and follow the on-call instructions. Below are the instructions that you will hear on the phone:

  1. Press 1 for the language
  2. Press 2 to change or cancel the flight.
  3. Press 3 for the refund
  4. Press 4 to get the baggage details. 
  5. Press 5 for the information on miles
  6. Press 7 to talk to the live person at customer service

When you press the appropriate button, your phone call will immediately be allocated to the representative. With this, you can call delta airlines from Australia and share all the relevant issues regarding the flight journey.

How To Contact Delta Airlines from Australia? : Different Ways

Besides the phone call, you can also get through with the representative in several other ways given below:

By Live Chat:

Travelers can also clear their issues through messages and obtain solutions. For this, you can follow the below steps to connect to the messages:

  1. To start, you acquire the official website of delta airlines.
  2. Afterward, you can proceed to the contact handle available on the home screen.
  3. You will find several ways to get in touch with the representative.
  4. From that, you can select the "chat now" option available in the right corner of the screen.
  5. You can choose the topics or explain them in detail in the chat box. 
  6. Once you send the question to the virtual assistant, they will revert to you on the spot.
  7. You can get access to the delta airlines live chat feature 24 hours a day. 

By Email:

If you are unable to connect on the phone and chat, you can also get through with the executive by email. Thus, to contact delta airlines from Australia, you can compose the question in detail with your contact details. Thus, you need to send the details to When the representative receives the email request, they send you the fixes. They can also connect with you on the phone for a detailed description. 

By Social Media: 

The representative is also available on the several social sites mentioned below:




You need to write the description and send the query directly to delta airlines from Australia. In this way, you can easily connect with delta airlines from Australia as they will reply to you immediately. You can get someone at customer service from anywhere across the globe.

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