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American Airlines is an air shuttle of the united states and operates in Colombia. The airline has a global presence with a loyal customer base. If you are one of the passengers on the list and still facing challenges with the airlines and don't know, how do I call American airlines from Colombia? Here is the solution provided below for you. We have tried our best to offer you well-versed information from our end. 

How To Call American Airlines From Colombia Airport?

With the help of these various mediums and modes, you can use to connect with them in no time. 

Connecting with an airline's agent on call: call is the most used method to communicate with anyone. We all want to get our work done as soon as possible, so the call is the only option provided to the company to connect with customers to resolve all of their queries. If you are having difficulty finding their contact details on their web page interface, then follow the steps provided below:

  1. You must land on their authorized web page.

  2. At the top of the web page, contact us is visible. Kindly select that tab.

  3. After selecting that tab, you need to scroll down, and numerous regions will appear.

  4. The next step is to find Colombia. We all know Colombia falls in the central and south American regions of Mexico. Click on the down arrow.

  5. After clicking on the down arrow, the contact list of the selected region will open and search for the American airlines Colombia phone number; there are two numbers provided if you are calling from Colombia - 508-5968 and if outside Colombia - 01-800-9171-045. 

  6. Dial the number provided above to get a quick fix to your problem.

American Airlines Live Chat Option! 

Chatting your problems off: chat is the second best option for resolving your query when there is a long call holding queue and it is urgent to solve your question. Chat is the best option for you to use at that time. Unaware of the chat service on their official website?

  1. Open the airline's website

  2. Visit their help center interface.

  3. There on the bottom, you will see the chat symbol. Click on that.

  4. After clicking on that, a chat box will pop out and shoot all your queries at them.

  5. Soon a live representative will assist you in resolving all of them.

The very next question arises if you are new in Colombia and want to know which terminal is American airlines in Colombia. We got you covered with the answers. American airlines operate 70+ intercity as well as oversea flights. All the flights majorly take off from terminal 1 of the airport. If you cannot find the terminal, you can either ask any other passenger or security guard or directly ring the American airlines Colombia number mentioned above.


I hope the mentioned information was useful and insightful for travelers commuting to or from Colombia. If you have any other queries or problems, please dial the contact American airlines Colombia number anytime. The airline offers all-day services to their travelers.

Phone Call Us: +1(878)-888-0603click to call