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If you are planning a trip to a multi-city and want to make a booking from Qatar airways and are unaware of Qatar airways multi-city booking service, then you should read this article to learn more about this service in detail. Qatar airway offers you many fares when you book multi-city flights from them.

This article will give you the procedure for how you can book multi-city flights. 

How can I Select Multi City in Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways Flight Booking Via Phone Call: 

You can book your multi-city flight over the phone. That is, you can book your flight through call. By just calling, you can make your flight booked from wherever you want. note the following steps to make a call

  1. Call on this number of Qatar airways phone number - 079-6155 6000.

  2. Choose your preferred language and also use the IVR for booking your flight.

  3. Wait a few seconds to connect the call.

  4. Give the assistant all the required details so the assistant can book your flight.

  5. Recall the information before giving the final submission to the assistant.

  6. The assistant will book your flight immediately

Benefits of booking a flight by Phone:

  1. When you book your flight online, the prices will be low.

  2. Rescheduling and cancellation policy.

  3. It is convenient as you can book a flight from anywhere.

  4.  You will get Detailed Airport Locations and Other Incentives

Qatar Airways Via Online:

Many people asked if can I book multi-city flights in Qatar online. So, the answer is yes, this airline also provides you with the service of booking flights online. Following some simple steps, you can book your flight in a few seconds without any wait.

Follow the given instruction to book your flight online:

  1. Go on the official website and click on the book a trip option.
  2. A form will open. Select the multi-city option.
  3. Then, give your details which they ask for.
  4. Before submitting all your details, check your details and submit them.
  5. Your confirmation will be done on the step.

Benefits of Booking Flights Online:

  1. Cancellation and Changes of Travel. It is normal for travelers to cancel or change their online reservations
  2. Online, you can see the earlier check-in.
  3.  You will get Maximise Efficiency too.
  4.  If you book your flight online, you will get Special Amenities or Deals.
  5. This mode is good as it saves time

I hope this article will help you know how to book multi-city flights Qatar airways. Now, it is up to you which mode you will use. 

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