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If you like to visit multiple cities for a family trip or a business trip, then the best option is to book a multi-city flight with Air Canada. Make your booking hassle-free with multi cities flight tickets. Read the further instructions to know more about how to book multi-city flights air Canada and save money and time.

Methods to Book Multi-City Flights on Air Canada!

Find Steps to Book a Multi-City Flight Air Canada

If you are still thinking Can you book multi-city flights on Air Canada? Yes, you can, and the steps are given below:

  1. Open the Air Canada website on the desktop site.

  2. If you already have an Air Canada account, sign in to the account, don't worry if you don't have an account.

  3. You are given many options such as fights, flight passes, my bookings, and so on.

  4. Click on flight and then choose the multi-city option.

  5. Enter the departure and arrival place and the dates. Add the flight if needed.

  6. Then click on “search flight.”

  7. You will be given a list of flights; choose the flights according to your convenience.

  8. Check the details you have given before making a payment.

  9. If the details are correct, enter your bank details and make a payment. You can also book with points you have earned from your previous travel.

  10. You will get a confirmation message saying your flight tickets are confirmed, and you are ready to travel.

Benefits of Multi-City Flight on Air Canada:

You might be wondering why to book a multi-city when you can book round-trip tickets. Here are a few reasons why multi-city flight ticket booking air Canada is better than round-trip or one-way tickets.

  1. Booking multi-city tickets are much cheaper than booking multiple round-trip tickets.

  2. You also get an opportunity to visit many places in just one trip.

  3. It also saves you time since you can book all your flight tickets in just one booking.

  4. If you are someone who visits multiple cities for business purposes, then a multi city flight is the right option for you.

Book Air Canada Multi-City Flight via Phone Call:

If you are unsure about the above steps and are still unclear, you can also book your tickets through a phone call. The procedure is written below for air Canada to book multi-city flights at your convenience. 

  1. Open the Air Canada web page in any browser.

  2. And search for the contact us option. You can either find the option at the top of the page or at the bottom of the page.

  3. Click on the contact us page and look for the customer service number +1(888) 247-2262.

  4. Dial the provided number and complete the IVR process.

  5. After completing the IVR process, you will be connected to a live person, give the required details and make the payment.


You can make reservations for multi-city flights in one go, and there are various methods offered by Air Canada to book your reservation. You need to choose the method which is easier for you. Visit the official Air Canada page if you still have doubts regarding the multi-city flight booking.

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