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Suppose you have a business meeting in the coming week, but it's canceled due to some personal reasons, and now you want a refund from Amtrak. If you want a refund from Amtrak, and you also want to know how long does amtrak refund take,  you can contact the customer care or refund form. When you use the following mediums, you will learn how you will take the refund from Amtrak. When you request customer service for the refund form, you will get your refund usually in 8 days. If you want to take your refund via cash, it will take 10-20 days.

 Amtrak Refund Policy 

  1. If you book the tickets of Amtrak within 24 hours and now you have to cancel your flight, you will get a refund.

  2. Suppose you have to cancel your ticket within 15 days of departure. You will get a full refund.

  3. If you cancel less than 14 days before departure, you have to pay the 25% fee. 

  4. If you are using the vouchers while booking the ticket, then you will not be able to get a full refund.

  5.  If you request a refund, it will usually take 5-8 business days.

  6. If you want to change your ticket dates, it would be non-chargeable.

  7. If you cancel your ticket in one hour, you must pay the 25% fee.

How To Get Refund From Amtrak?

There are several methods to get a refund from Amtrak. You can contact them through the phone, you can email them, you can chat with them, you can fill out a refund form, or you can check your refund status online. When you use these options, you will get to know your refund status, as you can place the request for the refund. When you place the refund request, you will get your refund in working days.

Through Online

Suppose you have placed a request for a refund, and now you want to check the online status. When you have to check the online status then, you have to follow the steps:

  1. Visit the website of Amtrak

  2. Go to modify trip

  3. Enter the ten-digit ticket number, and enter other details also that require.

  4. After that, you can cancel the ticket and click on the refund.

  5. Enter your card details to get a refund in your card.

  6. You will get a confirmation email on your registered email and a text message on your registered phone number.

  7. You will also get a link on email and text message where you can track the refund status.

When you follow all these steps, you will get your refund usually in 8-10 business days. If you want your refund in case you will usually get it in 20-30 days. The refund process usually depends on your bank procedure. Sometimes, it will take months to process the refund because of the server, connectivity, and holidays. 

Through Refund Form

 If you require a refund, you can fill out the refund form. To file the refund, you have to visit the website, scroll down the website, click on the refund form, and enter the required details. After that, click on the submit button. The refund process has been initiated. It will take some days, and you will get your refund.

Through Phone

When a passenger requires a refund, contact customer service. If you want  amtrak refund phone number , you must visit the website. You will get a helpline number mentioned on the website when you get the helpline number to place the request for a refund. They will initiate this process as soon as possible.

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