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Have you booked your flight with Turkish airlines? Emergency can occur anytime which is unpredictable. There are various reasons like change in trip plan, your timings of flights or any urgent emergency you encountered, you have to cancel your flight tickets. Do you want to cancel your flights with Turkish Airlines? If yes then you must know the Turkish airlines cancellation policy.

Turkish airlines have following conditions to cancel the flight tickets you must know:

  1. Since Turkish Airlines have a 24 hours cancellation policy, you can cancel your flight tickets within 24 hours of your ticket purchase.

  2. If the passenger cancels the flight after 24 hours of the ticket purchase, the cancellation fees will be deducted from his flight ticket.

After cancelling our flights, the main thing that came to our mind is the refund of our tickets. You can apply for a refund under some terms and conditions provided by the Turkish Airlines refund policy.

How To Get A Refund From Turkish Airlines?

If you want to apply for a refund, there are some conditions only under which you can get the refund from your flight tickets.

We will let you through the conditions of the Turkish Airlines:

  1. If you have purchased a refundable ticket, the Airlines will charge a cancellation fee from your flight ticket.

  2. If you have purchased a non refundable ticket, no amount of refund will be provided by the airlines to the passengers.

Above were the main conditions of the Turkish airlines refund policy. You can also cancel your flight tickets with the following alternative ways as well:

Online Cancel Ticket Turkish Airlines

You can visit the online website of Turkish Airlines and through following steps, you can cancel your flight:

  1. Go to the official website of the Turkish Airlines and log in to the account that you have made.

  2. After logging in, go to the “my trips” option, click on that option.

  3. After this, select the flight you want to cancel given in your cancellation section.

  4. You can now cancel your flight.

Turkish Airlines Contact Through Phone Call

If you find any issue online, you can also call the Turkish Airlines number where you can directly ask them to cancel your flight ticket giving the details of your booking. 

Turkish Airlines Cancel Ticket Through Email:

Various mail addresses are given on the official website of the Turkish Airlines, there you can send your cancellation request to get the quick assistance and you can also get the further information about your bookings.

Turkish Airlines Refund Policy Through Customer Service

You can also take help of the customer care service of the airlines by the various Toll free numbers given on the site. Customer care services are available 24/7 to help you with all your related queries regarding the booking.Wrapping it here,Hope your queries are resolved.

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