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To get a refund from Volaris airlines, you will have to cancel your reservation from Volaris airline's official website and then apply for the refund application form. But before canceling of flight ticket, you will have to consider a Volaris refund policywhich you will get within this section of the write-up. You accordingly act on the refunds for the eligible ticket that you cancel on Volaris airlines.

Volaris Airlines Refund Policy: 

  1. As per Volaris airline's refund policy, when a passenger cancels the ticket within 24 hours of purchase, full refunds are reverted to the customer. 
  2. Further, if the cancellation of a ticket is beyond 24hour of purchase, then you might get cancellation charges to pay according to your fare type.
  3. Also, customers can get full refunds for their non-refundable Volaris flight ticket, but it will happen only if you apply for a refund within the day of booking.
  4. On Non-refundable tickets, if you cancel them after a same-day purchase, then you will not get refunds. 

How Do I Get My Money Back From Volaris?

Moreover, to get a better understanding of the refund policy of Volaris Airlines, you can visit its official website, or you can also talk to its customer service team. However, to get a refund from Volaris airlines, you have to know about the process against how to get a refund from volariswhich you will get below while you head towards this section of the write-up, and it's for your convenience.

  1. Visit the official website of the airline via the browser option of your device 
  2. After that, you will press onto manage my booking option and herein select refund application tab
  3. Where you will have to enter the canceled ticket reference number and last name of the passenger
  4. Now tap over the refund form and fill accordingly
    • First, enter the contact information of travelers 
    • Further, select your trip type 
    • Now enter your ticket booking number and other important details 
    • Next, click on the refund reason box 
    • Then select the most appropriate option of reason and describe it within 1000 characters 
    • At last, click on the terms and conditions box and hit over submit button, and you will receive a confirmation email. 

Therefore, by following the headed above steps for refunds step-wise, you can easily know how to get money back from volaris without any obstacle as the online method is a quite relevant platform.

How Long Does Volaris Take To Refund?

At Volaris Airlines, after applying for a refund request, it may take time to get processed, and it can take around 7-10 business days if payment mode was via online or credit/debit card. In addition, if you purchased a ticket from the ticket counter (cash or check), then it will take around 20 working days to get refunds to get back.

However, in case you want to know about are Volaris tickets refundable, you can get the best option of contacting customer service for proper help because experts will guide quite appropriately in case of purchased tickets. 

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