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For travellers who have requested a refund from Eva Air and are concerned about how much time the airline offers a refund, they can go through the details shared below and manage their refunds in time.

• The eligible Eva Air tickets purchased via the website or the reservation office using a credit card get a refund within one week from the receipt of the refund request.
• However, the tickets and other products purchased via cash and check will get refunded within 20 business days of receiving the refund request.

Still, if the traveller has queries regarding Eva air refund ticket duration, they can reach out to the airline representative or visit the Eva Air website.

How Long Does EVA Air Refund Take ?

For the travellers planning to request a refund, they must complete information on the Eva Air refund policy that includes the following pointers:

• Full refund for the reservations cancelled within 24 hours of the purchase.
• Refunds are offered in monetary terms and vouchers.
• For Award ticket refunds, the traveller needs to contact the local sales office of the airline.
• If the refund is not processed for the reissued ticket, the traveller can contact the local ticketing office.
• The refund requests can be made online or by contacting the local office of the airline.
• The refunds are processed promptly, but it might take two months to get the statement listing for the refund, depending on the credit card's billing cycle.

Still, if the traveller has queries regarding the refund policy, one can reach out to the airline representative to seek the needed information.

What happens if EVA Air Cancels My Flight? 

Besides, before requesting a refund, the traveller must ensure that their reservation abides by the Eva air cancellation policy. So, to help travellers, here are some of the cancellation guidelines that one can follow:

• The cancellation of the Eva Air booking can be made within 24 hours of the purchase for both refundable and non-refundable booking.
• In the above case, the travellers can get a full refund for the reservations.
• For the cancellations made outside the 24 hours of the purchase, the traveller will need to pay a cancellation fee.
• Not every fare type is eligible for cancellation so one can reach out to the airline representative for more info.

So, this is how the travellers can cancel and process a refund for the Eva Air booking. In case of queries, one can contact the airline representative for help.

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