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With all your energy and excitement and packed bags and all set to fly with music in your ears, you know anything can happen. God forbid, but now you have to cancel your flight now as someone special to you has met a mishap. Now you want to know how to get a refund from Finnair as the circumstance has made you cancel the fight to get a refund. This article tries to get you every information regarding a refund. 

Finnair Refund Policy 

Before you cancel your flight or file a refund request, you are recommended to get through some prominent statutes of the refund policy of Finnair. The main points of Finnair refund policy are as follows:- 

  1. You are required to make contact with any ticketing office for a refund. 
  2. Your refunds will be paid back to your credit card or to the payment method that you used for bookings.
  3. If you want refunds on your debit card, then the payment process may take a longer time to get a refund from Finnair.
  4. If you cancel a Finnair flight a few hours prior to the departure of the flight, moreover the flight was booked not more than a week before. In this case, you will be charged with a penalty.
  5. The amount of penalty will totally depend upon the fare type or laws of the Airline. 
  6. Finnair 24-hour refund policy:- If you make a refund application in exchange for a flight cancellation within 24 hours of purchase, then you will get a full refund provided that you booked the flight one week prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. 

How Do I Get A Refund From Finnair

Both the modes, online and offline, are available if you want to cancel a flight. Specified methods are suggested by the Finnair Flight refund policy, which is given as follows:

Online Process:- avail this online way to cancel or file a Finnair refund request with the below steps:

  1. Go to the official Finnair site at 
  2. You can also use Finnair mobile application
  3. Click on the Manage booking tab
  4. Fill in the asked details 
  5. And cancel your reservation first
  6. Now apply for a refund using the form given below.
  7. If you want a refund for more than one booking, you need to send a separate form for each booking.
  8. Select your ticket type as it will decide your refundable amount. 
  9. You will receive a confirmation on your registered ID

Live Via Chat:- You can also directly connect with a live agent through the live chat option, which is provided on their official site on the contact us page. Write your Finnair refund request and send it. You will be assisted in real-time.

How Long Does Finnair Take To Refund?

Finnair does not bother its passengers to wait for long hours; that’s why in general, the time taken by Finnair for making repayments as refunds to its customers goes around an average of 2–3 weeks. However, unfortunately, some requests may take a longer time to get processed. Finnair repents for such an unavoidable delay. But Finnair always tries to get the such problem resolved by giving its best.

Conclusion:- If you need to know more about Finnair flight refund policy then you are suggested to talk to their customer service representatives on this number 1800 102 1233. if you have other queries for that too, you are advised to call them.

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