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You’ll get the refund from Copa Airlines within twenty working days. You only need to ensure that you have gone through the correct policy and the procedure to get your refund. Once you have read the guidelines, you’ll be able to save the cancellation fee and make your ticket completely refundable. 

If you made the booking through the website, you’ll be able to cancel or change your booking by yourself; however, if you made the booking through a third party. Then you would need to connect with the third party to make the changes in your booking. Once you have completed the changes, you will receive a confirmation email on the registered email address with Copa Airlines. In the email, you’re also going to get the link to claim the refund. Once you have opened the link, you’ll be easily able to claim the rebate without any issue.

Cancellation Policy Of Copa Airlines 

You can go through the Copa airlines refund policy. Then you’ll be easily able to decide on making the cancellation. You only need to ensure that you have chosen the correct map to make the cancellation. You need to follow the policies and then make the cancellation. 

  1. To avoid the cancellation charges, you need to ensure that you have canceled within twenty-four hours of booking. Also, it is helpful if you made sure that you made the booking seven days before the cancellation date. 

  2. Suppose your flight was canceled by the Airlines. Then you’re eligible to get a complete refund from the airline. 

  3. You need to fill the form within twenty-four hours of the booking. Once then, you’ll be eligible to get a refund. 

Once you have gone through the  Copa airlines cancellation policy, given above, then you only need to follow the correct procedure to make the cancellation. Once you have done that, you can apply for the refund by yourself or even contact customer support.

How To Cancel Copa Airlines Flight?

After reading the cancellation policy in detail, you need to ensure that you have gone through the step-by-step guide given below to make the cancellation. Within minutes you’ll be able to make the cancellation. 

  1. To make the cancellation, access the official website of Copa Airlines. 

  2. After that, you need to select the “My trips” option. 

  3. Now enter the booking details like the booking code and the passenger's full name. 

  4. Now you need to press the button for search. 

  5. Once the investigation is over, the booking will show up on your screen. 

  6. You need to open the booking and then select the option of cancellation. 

That is it. Once you have made the cancellation, you’ll quickly receive a text and email on your registered number and the email address. You only need to ensure that you keep it saved for reference purposes. 

How To Get A Refund From Copa Airlines?

  1. Access the Copa website. 

  2. Now you need to search “Refund Form” in the search bar. 

  3. Open the refund form. 

That is it. Now you can fill-up the form and send the refund request. You’ll receive the refund within seven to twenty days. 

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