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Your plan to travel on Delta Airlines has not been confirmed yet. Due to this, you remain tense about what to do in this situation. However, to get rid of such cases, the airline will opt to keep tickets on Delta Airlines. So, by this, you can also keep the ticket price or reservation with Delta Airlines. Thus, here you will get how to get ahold of delta airlines to hold a flight on the airlines step by step. For this, you need to track the process of getting hold of Delta Airlines. So for this, you have to follow the next article.

How Long Can You Hold Reservation On Delta Airlines? 

Here are the process of holding the reservation on Delta Airlines by website & customer service of Delta. 

Hold via Delta website:

Pursue the steps of delta airlines hold ticket through the Delta website.

  1. Dial Delta Phone Number:1 (800) 221-1212 and talk to live agent for hold ticket reservation. 
  2. You need to search on the browser about the Delta Airlines
  3. Open the website of Delta and tap on the “book” column that will be located on the header menu
  4. Select the route from round trip/ one-way/ multicity 
  5. Then, add the “from departing airport” to the “reaching airport.”
  6. Choose the booking dates from “going date” to “return date.”
  7. Add the number of passengers there and click on the search button.

(On the next page, the whole details of the scheduled flight will show on your page)

  1. Select your seat, class, and cabin on the Delta departing flight or the return date.
  2. Enter your details like name, last name, age, and number of passengers to reserve seats on Delta Airlines. 
  3. Then, click on the next page, and you will see the seat selection option there. So, choose the seats according to you. And tap on the “Save & Exit.” or go on the payment section and hold the price there.

(When you click on the save & exit, you will be automatically on hold)

How Long Can I Hold A Delta Flight?

Moreover, you can hold a ticket on Delta for 24 hours to up to one week by paying an additional fee to Delta Airlines. In addition, holding a ticket for 24 hours at Delta Airlines, the airlines didn’t take any cost from their passengers.

Hold By Delta Customer Service 

For this, you must go to Delta Airlines customer service and get the phone number 1800 123 6645 to request a hold on your Delta ticket. So, call on this number and talk with the live agent of Delta Airlines. And while reservation on the phone call, request for holding the tickets on the Delta Airlines. 

Thus, Delta, as mentioned above, Airline's reservation methods will help you maintain your Delta Airlines flight ticket price. Furthermore, if you face any issues, get in touch with Delta Airlines' customer service personnel and resolve all problems immediately. If not found, call a Delta Airlines customer service person.

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