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Are you facing the issue with the services provided by Jetstar and want to get customer support from Jetstar customer care services? If yes, then here is the answer for you. You may find difficulty in the various services provided by Jetstar that may be related to the refund policy, cancellation policy, booking policy, seat selection, or any other service. If you are facing any issue with the services provided by Jetstar, then there are different ways that will help the passengers to get in touch with Jetstar customer care and get Jetstar customer service. The passengers of the Jetstar airlines may get connected to the Jetstar airlines by below mentioned ways.

Ways To Get Connected With the Jetstar Customer Services

Jetstar Agent Talk To Live Chat

  1. The passengers of the Jetstar, when faces difficulty in the services provided by Jetstar they can contact the Jetstar customer services by using below mentioned steps.
  2. Firstly, the passenger needs to open the official website of the Jetstar customer care using any web browser.
  3. Then, the passenger will see the live chat option present on the current web page of Jetstar.
  4. Now, the passenger needs to tap on the live chat option to get the virtual assistant that will assist the passenger in the issues that they are facing.
  5. Then, the passenger needs to type for the issue that they are facing related to the services provided by Jetstar.
  6. Now, the passenger needs to follow the IVR steps available on the screen, and the online assistant will be there to help the passengers with the issues that they are facing.
  7. If the online assistant is not available or offline, then the automated bot will send the message to the online assistant about the passenger's issue and contact the online assistant as soon as possible about the issue that the passenger is facing.

How Do I Speak to Someone At Jetstar Airways?

Dial Jetstar Phone Number for USA: +1866 397 8170 and follow the IVR instruction.

Phone Number for Australia: +613 9645 5999  (Apply to monday to sunday)

Phone Number for  New Zealand: +95 9 42111 6662 +95 9 42111 6663 (Apply to monday 9 am to friday 5 pm for local time)

Phone Number for Cambodia: 855 23 220-909

Jetstar email support: or

When Jestar toll-free number not working or require the diffrent country number the visit official Jetstar contact page:

Connect Jetstar Via Social Media-

if the passengers want to get in touch with the deals and offer provided by Jetstar, then they can go for either dialling the Jetstar contact number or following the social media. So, if the passengers want to follow Jetstar on social media, then they are advised to follow Jetstar on different social media platforms using the below-mentioned steps.

Firstly, the passenger is required to open a social media site that could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., on its device.

Now, the passenger needs to search for the username of the Jetstar like

• Facebook-

• Twitter-

  1. Then, after opening the username, the passenger is required to tap on the following option.
  2. Now, the passenger gets connected to the social media of Jetstar airways and gets regular information about the upcoming and ongoing deals and offers provided by Jetstar.
  3. Lastly, after getting the information about the deals and offers, the passenger can book their flight with Jetstar and avail the maximum or heavy discount on the Jetstar flight booking.

Is Jetstar Call Centre Open ?

Jetstar Airways contact centre is open 7 days a week from 8am – 8pm.

Using the above-mentioned ways, the passenger can get the customer services of the Jetstar airlines and ask for the issue that they are facing related to the services provided by Jetstar. If the passenger is still not getting the satisfactory answer or the resolution of their problem, then the passengers are advised to contact the customer care of the Jetstar on Jetstar phone number via dialling the phone number of the Jetstar and get the direct customer support from the Jetstar executives by speaking to them about the problem that they are facing.

How Do I Cancel My Jetstar Flight?

Jetstar airways permit passengers to cancel their flights due to a change of plans. If you have issues while canceling your flights, whom can you reach? Jetstar airways customer service is also shared with you. First, take a look at the cancellation policy before the process of canceling the flight.

Q: How can You Cancel Your Jetstar Airways flight?

Ans: Cancelation of a flight is equally simple as making a reservation. You can cancel your flight online and offline. Both methods are shared. First, start with the online method. Follow the online process if you want to cancel your own flight:

  1. Visit the official website of Jetstar airways.
  2. Click on the “Menu.”
  3. Select “Managing Booking.”
  4. Enter details, booking reference, and email address/ surname to find your booking.
  5. Choose the option to cancel your flight.

This way, you can cancel your online flight mode. Otherwise, you can always get customer service support from Jetstar airways. Jetstar airways contact number is 00 61 3 9645 5999. This way, you will get an immediate response. Ensure you listen to the IVR instructions carefully:

Press 1 to make reservations.

Press 2 to cancel your flight.

Press * to reach the live representative.

Pressing two will directly connect you to a customer support executive who handles the cancellation queries and suggests better refund options.

Q: What Is The Refund Process For Jetstar Airways? 

Ans: It doesn’t matter which mode you choose to cancel your flight. After cancellation, you need to apply for a refund. How can you ask for a refund from Jetstar airways? To apply for a refund, you can use online mode or contact the Jetstar airways customer care phone number.

Q: How to apply online for a Jetstar airways refund?

Ans: Follow the steps to demand a refund:

  1. Visit the link
  2. Select the “Managing Booking” under “Menu.”
  3. You have to share your booking reference and email address.
  4. Click “Manage Booking.”

After cancellation, the refund will be transferred to you via the mode used to make the payment. It depends on the ticket type and whether you are eligible for cash or credit. Refund includes the fees, if applicable. For detailed information about the cancelation policy, you can visit the official website of Jetstar airways. 

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