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The west jet hold time is 3 minutes and 48 minutes. The answer to your question: how long is the hold time for WestJet? The west jet calling time may vary according to the query you have chosen while dialing customer service. The airline provides a 24 hours toll-free number with the help of which you can ask any of the questions that leave you in confusion; the airline authority is there for you to give you clarity about every doubt. 

How Do I Hold A Ticket On WestJet?

Hold Ticket On Phone Call

The phone call process is one of the fastest ways of approaching a west jet airline where you can clear your doubt while talking to the live person. The airline provides 24 hours and seven days help.

  1. Visit the official site of WestJet.
  2. Then move to the contact us section 
  3. Click on the call us tab; it will show you the toll-free number 1 (888) 937-8538. 

The toll-free number will connect with the airline customer service after going through the IVR instructions mentioned below.

  1. Press 1 to check the flight status
  2. Press 2 to manage booking
  3. Press 3 for baggage claim 
  4. Press 4 to connect with the customer service representative.
  5. Press # to disconnect the call.

Press any of the keys according to your query-related problem and wait for a few minutes to get in touch with airline personnel; then, resolve your query. 

Through Live Chat 

The live chat option provides a chat box where you can text your query and resolve it with the online chat assistant, who will respond to an effective solution to your question promptly.

  1. Visit the web portal of WestJet
  2. Then scroll to the contact us option.
  3. Tap on the chat us tab. A chat box will open.
  4. After that, enter your details and start chatting with the airline customer service about your issue.

Through Mail 

Westjet provides an official email address of customer service by which you can send your query, and the airline staff will respond through the mail. It is convenient as you can retrieve previous mail from the mailbox for future use.

  1. Move to the WestJet site.
  2. Then take your pointer at the contact us section.
  3. Under the section, tap on the mail us option.
  4. At last, the mailbox will open, mention your query and email address, then send it to the WestJet customer service representative.

Through social media 

The airline provides different digital platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., where you can get the latest update regarding WestJet hold times today, traffic at sites, offers, deals, etc. These digital platforms hold millions of users around the world, resolving every other query. 

  1. Open the WestJet home page.
  2. Then scroll down to the follow us section.
  3. Under the section, click on any of the social media links to get in touch with the WestJet authority related to your query. 

Why Are WestJet Call Times So Long?

You will experience WestJet hold times so long because several callers are trying simultaneously to make traffic around the phone line. It leads to busy connections because of delays while getting in touch with the airline personnel. But be patient; you will get a solution to your question soon.

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