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All Nippon Airways is undoubtedly one of the best airlines you can come across from Japan. They have made sure that their policies are completely customer friendly. That is why you only need to make sure that you are aware of the Ana refund policy and cancellation policy. However, it is also essential to know the correct cancellation procedure. You can make the cancellation online and even with the help of customer support. After that, you only need to make the right option. To know the exact procedure of the cancellation, then you would need to follow the below-mentioned procedure. 

To receive a refund in your account, it will take you around ten working days from when it is processed. There are several ways to claim your refund. You can do that with the help of customer support or by filling up the refund form. For that, you only need to follow the below-mentioned steps. 

ANA Refund And Cancellation Policy: 

  1. If you want to avoid the cancellation fee altogether, you would need to cancel the ticket 24 hours prior to the departure time. However, you need to make sure that you have also followed the following conditions to avoid the cancellation fee. 
  2. You would need to maintain a gap of seven days between the booking and the cancellation date. After that, you’ll be able to cancel. 
  3. In case your flight gets cancelled by the airline. Then you will be getting a complete refund of your investment. 

ANA Airlines Cancellation Procedure: 

To make the cancellation, you would need to follow the steps which are given below: 

  1. Get on the official page of the Ana Airline. 
  2. Once you’re there, you would need to tap on the “My booking.” 
  3. On the new page, you would need to enter the reference number of your booking and your name. 
  4. Once you have entered it, you need to click on the “Search.” 
  5. You’ll come across your booking. Open your booking, and then you would need to click on the control of “Cancellation.’ 
  6. After that follow the refund procedure. 

It is this simple to make the cancellation. The only thing you need to follow before you cancel is the Ana Airline cancellation policy. The customer support is very professional. They’ll make sure that your cancellation is processed quickly. 

How To Claim ANA Airline Refund Policy?

To claim the refund, you would need to follow the steps below:: 

Online refund claim-

  1. To claim the refund, you would need to open the official website of Ana Airlines. 
  2. In the search bar, you would need to write “Refund form.” 
  3. Click on the link of that form, then fill up the details. 
  4. After that, you only need to submit the form. Once you have submitted it within ten working days, you’ll get the refund in the account you made the payment. 

ANA Airlines Customer Support- 

You can even claim a refund through customer support. For that, you would need to call upon the official number of the airline. After that, in the IVR menu, you need to select the options relevant to your query. Once you have chosen those options, soon, your call will be connected to a live person. The executive will explain to you the Ana Airline ticket refund policy. Then within a few minutes, you’ll be able to make the relevant changes.

Hopefully, your query is cleared. For any further information, you only need to follow the steps given above. 

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