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Air Canada hold of the option you can avail at the time of booking & through this option, you can quite smoothly & conveniently use this option & you will get hold of on Air Canada airline. Now to know about how do i get a hold on Air Canada, you need to go through the procedure indicated below for your reference & guidance.

Simple Steps To Hold Your Ticket On Air Canada! 

The following points will help you to gather information about how easily you can hold on to your selected flight for some home hours at Air Canada.

• At first, you will open the official website of the airline via a web browser.
• After that, you need to click on the sign in or login tab.
• Therein you will use your user ID & password to get logged into the website.
• Next, you need to click on the book tab option from the menu panel;
• Now the next step is to give your contact information like full name, address, phone number, city & zip code etc.
• After this, you select trip types like round trip & multi-city trip etc.
• After that, choose a destination from & destination to select date & time for your departure & the select number of passengers for travel.
• Next, click on the search tab.
• Now you will get the list of flights onto your screen.
• Herein select the flight that you want to book for your trip.
• Now, if you need to hold on with the flight, then on the same page, you will get a hold button.
• After this, tap over the hold button & your flight ticket will be held for around 72 hours with a non-refundable amount.
• Lastly, if you need to get your booking done, pay the rest of the fare amount & you will get your reservation done with this airline.

However, suppose in case the passenger misses the booking process. In that case, the hold time will get over & you need to once again go through the booking process for Air Canada Hold Ticket, & for more help, you can also have the option to approach to customer service team executive who is available 24/7 for instant help & guidance in your queries that you may face with Air Canada flight hold of the procedure.

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