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Are you struggling in the long call queue and still can't speak to the Southwest agent? Do not worry. Using the call-back feature of Southwest, you can easily schedule a call-back from the airline anytime. In case you don't know, how do I get my Southwest call-back? No worries. Given below the detailed procedure for reference; check it out to discover everything. 

How To Get A Callback From Southwest Airlines?

Follow the procedure below to request a call-back from southwest airlines.

  1. Dial 1-800-435-9792 call-back number of Southwest Airlines & listen IVR options.

  2. You need to select the language then and follow the phone menu 

  3. You get various instructions on call; select the option which connects you to the live agent 

  4. Once you select the live agent option, the system puts your call on waiting 

  5. In case the waiting period is too long, dial the number to request a call-back

  6. You can also select the option' request a call-back 'from IVR running 

  7. After the request is shared, soon the southwest agent will give you a call to discuss the issues

Using the Southwest Airlines call back number, you can easily connect with Southwest representatives. Besides, if you still doubt whether Southwest has a call-back, you can check out other modes of communication below to generate your call-back request.

Does Southwest Have A Callback Option?

Yes! Southwest does have a call-back option. If you are not sure of it, you can share your call-back request through the mediums below.

Connect With Phone Call

  1. Call 1-800-435-9792 It's the most simple and most convenient way to request a call-back. 

  2. You must first call the airline using the call-back number and choose IVR carefully to speak to the agent. 

  3. While waiting on the call, you get the request call back option, choose that and follow instructions.

Connect With Email support 

  1. You can also share your call-back request through email. 

  2. To do that, visit the support page and search for the email section. 

  3. You can click the link ‘send us an email’ and follow the instructions.

Southwest Talk To Live Chat Support 

  1. It is another way to raise a call-back request. You can chat with the southwest agent and request them to give you a call-back.

  2. Go to the support page of the airline and locate the chat icon at the bottom right

  3. Open the chat box, select the option that relates to your query

  4. You can follow the instructions and select the option give us a call-back.

Social Media 

Southwest Airlines has a very wide social media network. You can visit the link on the website to connect to the airline on its social media handles. You can tag the airline or send a direct message to share a call-back request.

How Long Does It Take For Southwest To Contact You?

Once you request the Southwest Airlines call back option, the time taken depends on the communication mode and time you are requesting, etc. During the evening, the call volumes are high, so it can take quite a long, while it might take less time to get a call-back in the morning. Generally, it varies from 10-20 minutes to get a call back from Southwest, depending on several factors. 

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