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Eva Air provides feasible and structured services to passengers, for example, lounge facilities, easy change flight policy, easy booking and canceling the policy, pet policy, extra luggage policy, parking facilities, food and drinks, and many other services that are essential for the passengers. So if you have already booked your flight ticket with Eva Air but decide to change your flight due to any reason but do not know how to change flight Eva air, is there any fee to change and many other questions? So consider the following points that will assist you in every way:

How to Change Flight Eva Air Online?

Before changing a flight, the flight ticket date must keep the policy in mind of Eva Air to avoid any additional fees or to avoid other penalties that are usually imposed by every airline. But unlike other airlines, Eva Air has a very flexible policy for changing a flight, and please consider the following points that will assist you in changing a flight:

  1. To be eligible to change your flight, you must have bought your ticket from the authorized center of Eva Air.

  2. You may incur an additional cost if you amend your flight ticket after 24 hours of your booking.

  3. If you change flight within 24 hours of your booking, no additional cost will be charged.

  4. If you make a correction in your name and do an Eva Air change flight date, etc., within 24 hours, no additional charges are imposed.

  5. All the charges can be waived if you inform the airlines beforehand about cancellation in your flight.

  6. You are not allowed to make any changes to your flight after your plane has departed.

  7. Changing a flight date, time, etc., is, by and large, dependent on the availability of your desired next flight.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Eva Air?

The policy is quite important to understand the terms and conditions of Eva Air so you can save any additional cost while making any amendments to your flight ticket, so below is the process to change your flight or flight date with Eva Air:

  1. Visit the official website of Eva Air to begin the process.

  2. Then you have to sign in. 

  3. Go to “Manage my Trip” in order to proceed with the steps.

  4. Then you have to mention your reservation code and last name.

  5. Then you can change your flight by tapping on “Ticket.”

  6. Once you select or make changes to your flight, you will be redirected to the payment gateway where you have to pay Eva Air change flight fee that begins from 50$, and the amount largely depends on your destination, routes, seats, and class. 

If you still have any doubts or you are having any difficulty changing your flight with Eva Air, and the process that has been mentioned is quite time-taken for you, then you are advised to get a real person from Eva Air by calling on a number +1-310-362-6600, and you will be provided with instant support, and you can change your flight dates, timings, and other essential errors. But to change, you may have to incur additional charges. 

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