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United Airlines is considered one of the safest airlines in the entire aviation industry. They maintained their safety standards when the whole world was fighting the menace of Covid-19. They have taken extraordinary measures to curb the spread of disease on their flight. Do some people wonder if united airlines covid testing facility still exists or not? If you are vaccinated with the double dose, then you do not have to bring a negative Covid report. But if you are not immunized with the double dose, then you must get a negative covid test report taken no more than 24 hours before the scheduled departure of your flight. Even the Covid-19 policy of United Airlines reflects their seriousness in curbing the disease from dissemination.

Covid-19 Policy Of United Airlines !

If you look at the covid policy of United Airlines, you will find that it informs the passengers in advance about the safety norms and the guidelines they have to follow on board. There are very few airlines that are following the terms and conditions of their Covid policy. If you look at united airlines covid-19 policy, you will realize that they put safety as their priority. You must follow the given instructions to learn about the covid policy of United Airlines:

  1. The passengers must be vaccinated with the double dose to board their flight.

  2. If they are not vaccinated with the double dose of the vaccine, you have to bring a negative covid report that should not be more than 24 hours old.

  3. They put the health and safety of the people above anything else, so wearing an N-95 mask is mandatory.

  4. If you have any symptoms like illness, cough, etc., you must contact the flight attendant, and they will arrange a seat for you.  

  5. If you have brought a refundable ticket and you are diagnosed with Covid, then you will be provided a full refund.

  6. You can be provided a refund in the form of a travel voucher that has an expiry of 12 months. You can use it to book your flight with United Airlines in the future.

  7. They sanitize their aircraft after each departure. They also use disinfectants so that if any passengers with covid symptoms board their flights, they can curb the disease from disseminating further.

What Are United Airlines Covid Policies!

United Airlines is taking these measures as they put the safety of the passengers as their topmost priority. They are following strict guidelines even when the cases are dampening. If you look at United Airlines COVID test requirements, you will understand that even though it seems a bit tough, they are customer-friendly. You must contact their customer service if you have any doubts related to their covid policy. You must be familiar with the terms and conditions of their Covid policy.

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