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San Francisco is the second busiest operating airport in California. There are numerous events when the passengers traveling wish to reach the San Francisco airport customer service for guidance & help. If you are also planning to board or depart at SFO & want to know the available options to reach the helpdesk, then you can follow any of the following ways:

San Francisco SFO is always dedicated to providing the best travel experience & customer services to its customers. A detailed description of the alternatives is mentioned below. Choose the medium to communicate with the airport according to your preference.

How Do I Talk To A Person At San Francisco Airport (SFO) ?

The most common yet effective way to reach the airport representative is by using the option of the phone. You must dial the official san Francisco airport phone number: 800 435 9736 and select one of the options from the following IVR menu.

PRESS 1:To select your language

PRESS 2:To choose your airlines

PRESS 3:To know about the airport terminals

PRESS 4:Lost and found complaints

PRESS 9:Covid guidelines

After pressing the appropriate alternative, you will be connected to a representative who will understand your issue & provide you with the finest possible solution.

Contact Info For San Francisco Airport (SFO)

  1. Go to Official website San Francisco International Airport: (650) 821-8211.
  2. San Francisco Address: San Francisco, CA 94128 USA.
  3. Visit San Francisco website at

How Do I Contact SFO Via Email?

You can also choose to use the most conventional medium of communication, which is to send mail to get the solution to your problem. If you don't prefer to contact via sfo customer service phone number, then you can simply send a mail at the official mailing address:

San Francisco International Airport

PO Box 8097

San Francisco, CA 94128-8097

Talk To Live Chat Option

Some people prefer to express their concerns by writing over talking. If you are one such kind of person who does not wish to dial the San Francisco airport contact number to talk to a live person but rather desires to obtain online assistance, then you must go with this alternative. You just need to type your issue & hit the submit button. After which, you will be assisted by a representative who will guide you to resolve your issue.

By Filling Contact Form: There is also a facility to send an email at the airport by filling the contact form. The following steps need to be followed sequentially to use this option:

1)Visit the official SFO website & click on "contact us."

2)Proceed to select the "contact form" option

3)Fill in all the mandatory fields & type your message in the space provided. You must attach any supporting documents by clicking the attachment link. 

4)Finally, hit the submit button after successfully mentioning your concern.

The time taken to get a response if you are using this option is comparatively less than other mediums. You will be reverted by the representative with the desired solution.

After going through the above information, your question "how do I talk to a person at sfo?" will definitely get solved.

By following these alternatives, the customers can easily contact San Francisco airport and get the desired solution to their problems.

What Time Does San Francisco (SFO) open? 

If you are also planning to travel to any destination via SFO & want to know the airport timings, then you must take a breath of relief as the airport remains open 24 hours per day. But you are only permitted from 10 P.M to 6 A.M if you possess a ticket even though some facilities like restaurants may also be open 24/7.

Does SFO Airport Require A Covid Test?

Passengers traveling through SFO are highly recommended to get tested before their flight. The airport facilitates testing booths at all terminals. If you wish to get tested, then you need to book an appointment prior to testing. Tests are strictly on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, if your travel destination requires covid testing, then you must book an appointment & reach the testing booth on time.

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