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China Southern Airlines is the largest airline service provider in China. One of the best in its niche, it manages many flight booking and refund requests daily. The airline provides its passengers with all the facilities they might need through its website and customer support. If you have a seat booked at their airline and browse through the net to know" How to get refund from China Southern Airline?" simply read along.

China Southern Refund Policies

Based on your booked class and the time you decide to cancel your arrangement, you will be liable to pay the following cancellation fee. When the flight is canceled between 168 hours to within 4 hours of departure, the percentage of money deduced is as follows:

  1. First-class: 5% to 10% 
  2. Business-class: 5% to 30%
  3. Premium-Business class: 5% to 90% 
  4. Economy class: 10% to 90% 
  5. Refunds values can be total or partial based on the parameters included during the refund calculation.
  6. The china southern refund policy states that if a passenger cancels a ticket due to some illness, then while requesting for refund, they must produce a valid medical certificate to support their claim.
  7. You can only apply for a refund if the tickets were booked through the China Southern official website or customer care. If you used a third-party site or agent, you can not apply for a refund.
  8. Passengers will get flexibility with a refund if they cancel the seat within 24 hours of making the reservation. They will also get flexibility if that seat is canceled more than 168 hours before the scheduled take-off. 

Getting the Refund

The China Southern Refund process is as mentioned,

  1. On the China Southern website, find "online services."
  2. Select the "change/refund" option under this.
  3. Fill in details like CSN reservation code, ticket number, and personal details, a form will appear. Now click "Submit."

Once submitted, the airline will review our request, calculate the refund amount and start the process.

How Long Will The Refund Take?

The China Southern ticket Refund Policy states that generally, the refund takes 7-8 business days to reflect into your account when you pay via online transaction; otherwise, it can take up to 20 days for other modes of payment. This period is calculated from the date of submission of the refund request.

Policies During The Coronavirus China Southern

If there is an industry hit hard by the pandemic, it's the airline industry. With the increase in cancellation numbers and refund requests, the airlines have to develop new policies to adjust to the situation. To know how the china southern refund coronavirus affected flights, read on.

  1. Cancelation made because of illness should be accompanied by a valid medical certificate. 
  2. If you fail to show a valid RT-PCR test before boarding, your seat will be canceled, and a refund will be given as per airline guidelines.
  3. To be eligible for a full refund, cancel the flight within 24 hours of reservation.

Call the local helpline number or connect to customer care via the website for more queries and assistance. 

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