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No, you don’t need a credit card to book a flight. If you have a debit, prepaid, or another card then you can use them to book a flight ticket also. But if you use the credit card then it provides many offers to their customers as compared to the debit or prepaid card. 

If you think that can I book a flight with a credit card? then Yes, you can use a credit card to book a flight. There are so many offers if you use your credit card for booking the tickets and also redeem the point collected by using the card will give you a free trip ticket. Below is all the information that is mentioned related to credit card use in the fights. 

How Do You Buy Flights With Credit Card Points?

If you are thinking that is it best to book flights with a credit card? then there are many benefits of credit cards that help you in the airline. Below are the following mentioned points:-

  1. If you use the credit card then you will earn the air mile that helps you to redeem that air miles for buying a domestic and international flight ticket. 

  2. You will get the fuel surcharge waiver whenever you use the credit card in the airline, like when you use a credit card in a petrol station then you get the waiver on fuel surcharge. 

  3. If you use a credit card in the airlines then you will get access to airport lounges and a complimentary lounge visit. You have to select the airport. Also, display the card at the reception of the lounge. 

  4. When you first use the credit card then you will get the welcome gift and renewal benefits as the bonus miles. Basically, you get the credit card issuer offer when you issue the card. Also, you can able to redeem these offers into your flight ticket. 

  5. If you get the offers of accelerated miles from the airline's credit card then you can earn the accelerated miles. Make sure that the transaction that is done will be eligible for the accelerated rewards. 

Best to book a ticket with a credit card

If you are thinking that do I need a credit card to book the flight then there are many things that will easy for you to book a flight ticket with a credit card, below are the following point:-

  1. Convenient to use the credit card:- if you use a credit card other than cash or cheque then it will save your time and spare you a lot of hassle. 

  2. Travel rewards- while booking tickets and you use the crest card then it offers you many benefits for your next flight travel. This reward will add quickly and if you collect many points then you will get a free trip. 

  3. Travel Insurance- this is the main reason to use a credit card while booking tickets. If you get travel insurance then you will get free travel bonuses like rental car insurance. 

Hopefully, all the details regarding credit cards to book flight tickets will be productive for you, and get all the information related to a credit card. 

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