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Do you want to hold your Singapore airlines ticket? Are you facing the issue of holding a ticket on Singapore airlines? If the answer to the above question is yes, the passenger need not take tension here. The passenger will get the solution to their problem. Many times it is seen that the passengers who want to travel with Singapore airlines sometimes may feel the need to hold their fight ticket when the passenger faces some exceptional or particular circumstances that create the need to hold the ticket when they feel the need to Singapore airlines secure my fare. When the passenger feels such condition, they want to know the steps and procedures that will help the passengers to hold their flight ticket, so below mentioned are the steps that will help the passengers to hold their flight ticket with Singapore airlines.

Steps to holding a ticket on Singapore airlines 

  1. Firstly the passengers are required to open any desired web browser and then search for the official website of Singapore airlines.
  2. Now the passenger needs to tap on the official link of the website of Singapore Airlines, and the official website of the Singapore airlines will open.
  3. Then on the current webpage of Singapore airlines, the passenger needs to tap on the manage booking option available at the top of the web page.
  4. Now the passenger requires entering the ticket number and the last name that they entered while booking the ticket and the flight chosen by the passenger.
  5. Then the ticket details will appear on the screen, and the passenger needs to tap on the secure my fare option to hold their ticket for a later date.
  6. Then the passenger needs to select the day’s up to which the passenger wants to hold their flight.
  7. Now the passenger needs to pay the additional fee that is the holding charges after tapping on the payment option, and then the passenger needs to choose the mode of payment, whether debit/credit/smart card or any other card or any other mobile app mode of payment.
  8. Then after the payment, the passenger’s flight is hold, and the passenger can travel with the same flight on a later date.
  9. The passengers can secure the flight up to 3days maximum after paying the holding fee and confirm the booking after the payment of the full ticket fare.

Help and FAQs Secure My Fare

Using the above-mentioned steps, the passenger can hold the ticket with Singapore airlines. If the passenger wants to get additional information or any other information related to Singapore airlines hold ticket or unrelated to holding, then the passengers are advised to go for customer care services of the Singapore Airlines passenger is facing, and the customer care executive will provide the best possible solution to the passenger’s problem whatever they are facing with the Singapore airlines.

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