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When you have to cancel the flight ticket of Austrian Airlines and prior to the cancelation, if you wish to check the competency. Then you get to follow the austrian airlines cancellation policy, and details about that are written at the bottom:-

  1. When you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, which is prior to seven days or more of flight departure, you can conduct the procedure for free.

  2. If this duration has expired and then for the cancelation you may be charged the cancelation fees. And the amount could depend on the fare types and routes.

  3. When you have a medical emergency or sickness on the travel date, cancelation is free, but the passenger must submit the files to the Airline. 

  4. For the flight that is delayed by three or more, and if you don't want to travel with that, the chances of cancelation are waived.

  5. If your original flight is canceled and you do not wish to travel with the substitute. So for these conditions, the Airline does not take any additional charges.

  6. If the reservation is made through a travel agent, you get to communicate with them to cancel the flight

How do I cancel my Austrian flight?

While purchasing the ticket, if you get to cancel the ticket, then you can dial the Austrian Airlines official number, 1 (800) 843-0002, and take help from customer service. Otherwise, you can follow the steps that have been mentioned beneath:-

  1. Visit the official website of Austrian Airlines

  2. After that, click on my booking icon

  3. And then, enter the booking code with the last name.

  4. Now click on the cancel icon.

  5. Then, the confirmation opens there; check the payment details, and click on confirm option.

What is Austrian Airlines Refund Policy?

When you have canceled the flight ticket and want to get money back for that. So for this, you get to be aware of the austrian airlines refund policy, because it contains the statutory provision of that.

  1. You can receive a full refund if the cancelation process has been completed within 24 hours of booking.

  2. And after the expiration of this period, the refund you can have is based on the ticket types and routes.

  3. The ticket is canceled due to an illness or medical emergency, and the Airline has approved their document. Then also you get the entire sum back.

  4. If the flight has been canceled involuntarily or due to delay, you also have a full refund of your tickets.

  5. For the ticket booked through the travel agent, you get to communicate with them to apply for a refund.

How to Get Refund From Austrian Airlines?

When you want the money back from the Airline, you can use any of the methods mentioned here. And for that, you can use the Austrian Airlines authenticated number, 1 (800) 843-0002, or the online process.

  1. Head to the authenticated website of Austrian Airlines

  2. After that, click on my booking option

  3. Then enter the booking code with the last name of the passenger

  4. Now click on the refund icon

  5. Further, you get to fill in the refund form and click on the submit options.

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