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This Mexican airline came into existence in the late 1980s. This airline is famous for providing domestic flights in and around Mexico and international flights to the United States, Honduras, and Guatemala. Thousands of passengers board its flights every day. You can book its flights through the official website, as well as through a travel agency. Passengers who need help with their Aeromar Airlines reservations can do so with this article’s help. 

How Do I Book Aeromar Airlines Online?

Before you jump into flight booking, you must understand that many rules dictate the working of an airline. These rules and policies keep the airline functionalities properly and help in their effective execution. Different tickets follow different rules, but some policies remain the same for every ticket.

  1. Passengers can book a ticket upto two hours before the flight takes off. If you want to make an 11th-hour booking, please connect with the airline customer care team.

  2. The airline holds the right to cancel your reservation if the information provided by you is found to be faulty or if there is any misconduct on your side. The airline will not refund the unused portion of the ticket.

  3. Passengers who wish to change any flight details can call Aeromar Airlines contact number or do it through the website.

  4. All tickets follow the 24-hours cancellation rule; under this, you can cancel your Aeromar tickets within 24 hours of purchase, and you will get a complete refund.

  5. Passengers can book award travel for Aeromar Airlines through the United Airlines website. 

  6. The confirmation policy is different for different promotion/reservation tickets and their payment option. The related information is visible when you choose to avail these options.

  7. Passengers can hold their seats if they do not want to confirm their tickets while reserving. Passengers who opt for the ‘Standby’ option must check-in 90 minutes before take-off at the airport. 

How Do I Get Contact Aeromar?

If you cannot book the ticket on your own, you can call on Aeromar Airlines reservations number and ask the representative to book your seat on your behalf. The contact number will differ based on where you book your ticket from. Passengers should visit the official Aeromar Airline website and obtain the desired number.

You can call on Aeromar Airlines live representative Phone Number (55)-5133-1111 Mexico City, 01800 6627 237 within the Mexican Republic and 1-855-237-6627 from United States.The contact numbers are placed at the very bottom of the web page. So far, there are only three numbers. One general, one for Mexico, and one for the U.S.A.

Refunds Time:
Service Hours, Mexico City:
Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 06:00 pm
Postal mail
Transportes Aeromar S.A. C.V.
Departamento de Ingresos.

How To Reserve Seat On Aeromar Airlines?

If you are not familiar with the official website or find it hard to navigate through such pages, follow this step-by approach to get where you want to.

  1. On the homepage at, to start Aeromar Airlines booking process, select the roundtrip or one-way trip radio button.

  2. Then select the origin and destination flight date.

  3. Look at the available flight and select your preference.

  4. Fill in the details and then complete the payment.

You will see that the process is simple. The support team is always available at your beck and call. The calls are critically monitored, and the staff is well trained, so the team is always available at your disposal.

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